Hannah’s House is a family-centered service caring for children and young people aged from birth to 18 years who have life-limiting or complex conditions. They support children with their physical, mental and social well-being, focusing on quality of life and care for the whole family.

WA Charity Direct has provided funding support of the Playtime Play Program and Parent Peer-to-Peer events.

The Playtime Play Program offers a free tailored Play Plan for every child and access to a free fortnightly playtime playgroup. Play group is designed for children with complex needs and is open to all Hannah’s House families and their friends.

Parent Peer-to-Peer events offer parents the chance to enjoy a social day or evening event in the company of other ‘Mums’ or ‘Dads’ who are caring for children with complex needs. Up to six events are offered each year – three for Mums and three for Dads – including an event to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s day. These events allow parents to speak freely and candidly with others who understand the challenges and complexities of their daily life.