St Bart’s has a long proud history in WA dating back to the 1960’s. St Bart’s supports people to cope with and recover from their experience of homelessness, mental health challenges, trauma and hardship. There have been many changes along the journey to St Bart’s becoming the progressive and inclusive not-for-profit it is today which provides support to more than 530 people through a range of services.

WA Charity Direct has proudly been supporting the work of St Bart’s since 2019. Our funding assists with several key community programs that have been identified by St Bart’s.

One such program is Café Lime. Café Lime is a community support space based at their main community housing premise in Lime Street, East Perth. Café Lime operates each Monday and Friday, creating a positive sense of community, a relaxed space to enjoy a hot meal at the start of the day, and an opportunity for residents, staff and external volunteers to serve people living at Lime Street.

WA Charity Direct’s funding support also includes the Education, Training & Employment Program for clients of St Bart’s. Six-year-old *Timothy and his Mum moved into St Bart’s Family Service after they were unable to afford a private rental and found themselves homeless. Thanks to this program, Timothy’s mum could buy a brand new school uniform, helping him to settle into his new school feeling very proud. It has also enabled Tomithy’s mum to enrol in a TAFE course with the hope of gaining employment in the Community Services area. We can’t wait to see these two continue on their journey to a bright and safe future!