The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre changes lives for the better. They work to build a confident and connected Type 1 community in WA through education, inspiration and clinical care.

Someone is diagnosed with type 1 nearly every day in WA, 12,480 people live with type 1 diabetes in WA.

The Centre is more like a home than clinical rooms, it is brightly coloured, with lots of natural light and indoor and outdoor spaces. It offers the opportunity for children, teenagers, parents and carers to be educated and connect with others in similar circumstances. The connection with others in a similar situation cannot be underestimated.

In November 2020, WA Charity Direct funded the “Level Up” program which is offered to young adults aged between 16-30 years old. This program offers subsidised clinic appointments for the young people to see either a Diabetes educator or a Dietitian.